Since segmented in different departments we offer a big variety in services allways
maintained by specialists in their field to find the best solution for partners and clients from
the idea to the final plattform. It is our objective to work professional, creative, curious and
economic on every project.

RYA film was founded by Florian Senekowitsch, working in national and international film
and tv industries since 2007. Gained experience as a cameraman and editor in
documentary,later as unit and production manager for commercials and tv shows and is now
directing music videos and producing for RYA film and as a service producer. Always
accompanied by a passion for teaching and medicine, passed several exams in anatomy, held
movie-workshops in schools and trained cameramen and women for TV stations.
Worked as a freelancer with ORF, arte, 3sat, ATV, Servus TV, Fashion TV, DoRo, News on
Video, Rafal studios and several artists around the world.